Parish of St. Vincent Ferrer and St. Catherine of Siena

A Parish of the Archdiocese of New York served by the Dominican Friars

September 12, 2015

Welcome #2 – Pastor’s Reflection (September 13, 2015)

If August and September 2016 continue to yield tumult at this rate, the Holidays will underwhelm. Some weeks these lines receive the luxury of meditation; at other times, they reflect the press of business. Luckily, what follows is happy business.

This bulletin has the happy task of welcoming Fr. Joseph Allen, O.P. to St. Catherine’s Priory and to the staff of the new parish. Fr. Allen has served as an energetic Pastor of our parishes in New Haven, Ct. and Youngstown, OH. His capacity for practical affairs stands on a par with his zeal for the ministry, and so we stand to benefit doubly. Graciously he has already accepted the office of Procurator (Economic Administrator) in our Priory. Please do greet Fr. Allen and make him welcome.

Both of our Priories have new Subpriors. Fr John Farren has accepted the office at St. Catherine’s, while Fr. Albert Paretsky has taken it on at St. Vincent’s. These men take the place of the Prior in his absence and this matters since both communities have priors who work outside the home. Fr. Jordan Turano, Prior of St. Vincent Ferrer, has become the Chaplain for Molloy College on Long Island. Yours Truly has a shorter but more constant commute in the neighborhood. Dominican life gains its stability from the sharing of authority within the community, and so we need to express gratitude to all the Brothers who accept such an active role in the common project.

St. Vincent Ferrer Priory also welcomes Fr. John Allard, O.P. Fr. Allard serves in our Department of Theology at Providence College. This semester he will be here in New York to be part of the ministry of the global Order to the United Nations. I hope you will be able to benefit from the insights of his preaching.

On Monday, September 14, St. Catherine’s will welcome Sr. Padraic Mary McGuinness, O.P. to the front office. Many St. Vincent Ferrer regulars will be happy to greet Sister’s return from Connecticut. Her coming heralds new stability in our parish administration. We are most grateful to Sister for making herself available so generously.


Tickets to the Papal Mass at Madison Square Garden.

Apparently we will receive two batches of tickets for the Papal Mass. St. Vincent Ferrer has been allocated 16 tickets and St. Catherine of Siena has been allocated 10 tickets. Distribution of these has been left up to me, so here are my rules.

Tickets will be distributed in separate lotteries for each of the former parishes.

One pair of St. Catherine’s tickets will be set aside for a married couple.
Two pair of St. Vincent’s tickets will be set aside for married couples.
Please register for these as a couple if you satisfy the conditions below.

One St. Catherine’s ticket and two St. Vincent’s tickets will be set aside for Dominican Religious in our parish. The St. Catherine’s ticket will be available for St. Catherine’s Priory and Dominican Academy, while the St. Vincent’s tickets will be available for St. Vincent Ferrer Priory and Convent. (N.B. There is a different ticket for Priests to Concelebrate the Mass. Dominicans, please register for these tickets as a Dominican, if you can meet the logistical conditions below.)

These drawings will be made first. If these tickets are not claimed, they will be put in the general pot.

You may register for this lottery if

  • You are a REGISTERED PARISHIONER, that is, your name appears in the roster of the appropriate former parish.
  • You are a CURRENT EMPLOYEE of the parish.
  • You can make the approximately six-hour commitment. The Mass is at 6:30 PM and you will need to arrive between 2:00 and 3:00 PM. You cannot depart until the Holy Father has left the area.
  • You have the ability to get to Madison Square Garden via your feet or the subway, to wait on line, and to deal with the crowds.
  • You understand that, as of now, we do not have these tickets in hand. If there is a glitch and these tickets do not arrive, we have no recourse.
  • You will assure us that you intend to use the ticket personally should you win.

You must register in person or by phone for the appropriate lottery, during office hours. Registration will open on Tuesday, September 15, and close on Thursday, September 18.

Register with Rachel Miller at St. Vincent’s from 9 AM to 1 PM, and from 2 PM to 5 PM.
Register with Sr. Padraic Mary at St. Catherine’s from 10 AM to 3 PM.

Drawing will take place after the Inaugural Mass of our Parish, on Sunday, September 20. You must be present to claim the ticket. We will keep drawing until the tickets are claimed.

(Morning Prayer at St. Vincent’s at 11:15 AM, Rosary Procession, and Mass at around Noon at St. Catherine’s)

Good Luck!

Fr. Walter