Parish of St. Vincent Ferrer and St. Catherine of Siena

A Parish of the Archdiocese of New York served by the Dominican Friars

November 04, 2017

The Fruits of Endurance – Pastor’s Reflection (November 5, 2017)

You are reading this letter on the weekend of the New York Marathon, when those who run endure to their limits, and the rest of us stand back in amazement at endurance embodied. The runner gains more than the finish line, for the ability to run stems from a long regimen of training. So we honor the runner’s completion of the course and the discipline that allowed him or her to begin it.

Yesterday (Last Sunday for you) I undertook my own, relatively pale endurance and preached all of our Masses. I got to introduce and hear each of the presentations offered by our Finance Council on how we stand as of the conclusion of our first fiscal year as a united parish. As the 6 pm Mass ended on Sunday evening I found myself elated by the dedication of the Councilors and the attentiveness of each congregation. The whole day spoke to me of the maturity our parish has achieved by sticking with a long regimen of change, some of it in directions they would not choose.

I witnessed this process up-close as the Finance Councilors came together in April and, ably supported by Lee Ann Rubino, worked through the summer to study our financial situation and the history that led to it. They prepared the reports you heard, reviewed the budget for this new fiscal year, selected a money manager for our portfolio, and worked with that company to balance and structure it.

I would like to supplement last weekend’s presentation by mentioning one aspect of that structure. Since the 1980’s the Parish of St. Vincent Ferrer maintained a restricted fund to support maintenance of, and improvements to, the fabric of the church. Pastors drew upon it to replace the roof and to paint and clean the exterior walls. We used it most recently to replace the sidewalk outside the church. This fund remains intact in the newly structured portfolio. We have created a similar fund for the fabric of St. Catherine’s Church. Into it we have placed the portfolio of the Parish of
St. Catherine of Siena. Monies donated to this fund will be used for maintenance of, and improvements to, the fabric of St. Catherine’s Church. We hope that this honors all the effort undertaken by the Friars and people of St. Catherine’s to raise these funds in the first place.

What became palpable to me as the Councilors spoke was that a crucial aspect of our communal life was in place. With this comes relief, gratitude, and the freedom to set other things in place

Alongside the Finance Council stands a number of strong parish organizations and each of these has worked through our years of change with patience and suppleness. We need now to access the experience and insights of these core parishioners. I think we can do this by the way we structure the Pastoral Council. This consultative body serves the Pastor as his “eyes and ears,”  as a sounding board, and as a disseminator of information. Through the years of our merger we were served admirably by an interim Pastoral Council which completed it work in June. I have been meeting with parishioners and assembling a new Council. I anticipate that it will be complete and begin its work in January. In addition to providing the helps I mention above, it will serve to structure our range of committees and guilds, so that the social and charitable life of the parish rests on its own firm foundation.

When the Pastoral Council begins to meet the structure of our parish governance will be in place and we can turn our gaze outward with confidence.

I have long felt that the order that emerges has more beauty and endurance than the order which is imposed, and so I have tried to accept the discipline of slow-growing each aspect of our life so that it emerges from a real basis in the life of the parish, and meet a real need in that same life. So I thank you for your patience with the lack of certainty this may entail from time to time.

Fr. Walter