Parish of St. Vincent Ferrer and St. Catherine of Siena

A Parish of the Archdiocese of New York served by the Dominican Friars

March 25, 2017

Easter in Lent – Pastor’s Reflection (March 26, 2017)

When you read these lines Easter will be on the horizon at three weeks’ distance.  For me winter has flown and three weeks of Lent have evaporated. Our absorbing politics no doubt greased the wheels of time. The newsfeed on the phone has delivered almost hourly fascinations and amazements. Of course at some point the preoccupation with events ceases to be productive. Now is the time to deal with this. I realize that to enter into Holy Week and Easter I need to challenge the compelling power of the news.  Spiritual convention says to shut off the information and focus on the cross and empty tomb. But perhaps I give the events of Holy Week their full power by using them as a most accurate lens through which to perceive the events of the time. I move beyond seeking a refuge to finding a response.

Holy Week celebrates not only the truth of eternity but its victory. That means we not only remember its past effect but access its current power. The Resurrection gives us power to hope in Heaven, but also the capacity to see beyond what is not heavenward in this life. The resurrection currently has more power than whatever intimidates, shames, belittles, or manipulates.

It will be timely to use our Parish Lenten Retreat to draw on the present power of eternal life so that we have the serenity to be peaceful in ourselves and a leaven in our times.

Please join us on Saturday, April 1, at St. Vincent Ferrer to ponder


Easter in Lent

Christ’s Resurrection as power for serene living now

Schedule         9 AM               Welcome
9:45                 Conference
10:15               Shared silence
10: 45              Conference
11: 15              Stations of the Cross
Noon               Mass of Our Lady in Lent


If you would like to join us, please call Rachel at (212) 744-2080, just so that we can plan.

Holy Week will give us an opportunity to look further into the lived reality of the Resurrection. For some years now we have gathered on the Tuesday of Holy Week for a simple supper and reflection that gives new insight into the familiar liturgies of the Triduum. This year Holy Tuesday falls on April ll.

We will gather in St. Dominic Hall at St. Catherine’s after the 5:15 Mass. Together we will make a study of the beautiful Chapter 21 of St. John’s Gospel, in which unfolds an extended encounter between the Risen Lord and His disciples, it is a passage which teaches us much about how Jesus has equipped us with distinct means to now live a life shaped by Resurrection.

For the evening, St. Dominic’s Hall will be our own Upper Room.

So that we can plan properly please call Rachel Miller at (212) 744-2080 if you would like to join us.

I hope that both of these events will afford us a significant pause before the intensity of the Triduum.


May this second half of Lent give you a deep longing for the Easter Peace.

Fr. Walter